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ADAS Applications

Image processing for ADAS systems is one of the main areas of expertise. Cichon Engineering Consulting has experience with 3D reconstruction, lane detection, object recognition (light source, pedestrian), and traffic sign recognition.

Radar Applications

Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) plays an important role in modern advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS). Cichon Engineering Consulting has developed the fastest implementation of such FFT algorithm in assembly language for the Tricore 32-bit processor. The Cichon FFT algorithm completes a 256-pt complex FFT using 16-bit fixed point in less than 4,500 clock cycles.

Cichon Engineering Consulting was also involved in the development of a hardware FFT accelerator in the latest Aurix Infineon SoC.

Real Time Applications

Other libraries for use with real-time or embedded applications can be found on the products page .

Safety Applications

Offers for safety applications, like ISO 26262 certification can be found on the services page .

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